Drill Rapper Buddha G Exposed As A Police Informant!! (Proof Video) Report

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258 Videos . Published on Nov 25, 2019
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benevoletracist 2 months ago

Confidential source of the Elgin Police Dept ??? Where'd you get it Rog-- or Bucknasty ???--- Dat bulldyke gonna get whacked now. and it's all your fault.
Flyheight exclusive indeed. You might wanna take this one down

zodd 2 months ago

all available to the public.. its the disclosure. White boy locking niggas up... SMH

kokomami 2 months ago

Are you serious take this down?! You a pussy boy go sit down he gotta face the snitchin he did and he about to get popped now dummy !

mrknecht306 2 months ago

That's a girl either way SnitchK

luckyking16 2 months ago


gto1 2 months ago

You can tell that he she is soft a.f you asking to get tricked on messing with them type of characters...not all money is good money

teddylee 2 months ago

Why are you surprised?

money123 2 months ago

It's all in the game

snappy77 2 months ago