Drill Rapper Buddha G Exposed As A Police Informant!! (Proof Video)


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By: bucknasty

Channel : Chicago  
Info : Published on Nov 25, 2019

Flyheight Exclusive

Tags : rapper, exposed, snitch,

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benevoletracist 10 months ago

Confidential source of the Elgin Police Dept ??? Where'd you get it Rog-- or Bucknasty ???--- Dat bulldyke gonna get whacked now. and it's all your fault. Flyheight exclusive indeed. You might wanna take this one down

zodd 10 months ago

all available to the public.. its the disclosure. White boy locking N****s up... SMH

kokomami 10 months ago

Are you serious take this down?! You a P***y boy go sit down he gotta face the snitchin he did and he about to get popped now dummy !

mrknecht306 10 months ago

That's a girl either way SnitchK

luckyking16 10 months ago


gto1 10 months ago

You can tell that he she is soft a.f you asking to get tricked on messing with them type of characters...not all money is good money

teddylee 10 months ago

Why are you surprised?

money123 10 months ago

It's all in the game

snappy77 10 months ago