Hasidic Man In Brooklyn Nabbed For Hoarding 5,000 Boxes Of N95 Masks For Black Market Profiteering

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Published on Apr 01, 2020

A New York man coughed on FBI agents and claimed he has the coronavirus on Monday as they arrested him for allegedly lying about the sale of $12,000 worth of medical supplies. Authorities say Baruch Feldheim, 43, of Brooklyn allegedly sold much-needed supplies such as N95 respirators and other personal protective equipment to a New Jersey doctor at 700% markup of their original price. When federal agents confronted him Monday at his home, he lied and said that he worked for a company that bought and sold PPE, according to the U.S. Attorney District of New Jersey's Office. Prosecutors say Feldheim also falsely said that he didn't possess large quantities of PPE and that he never sold them directly to individuals.