Crazy: Mother Put Her Child Behind The Wheel Going 130Km/h


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Info : Published on Nov 17, 2019

A mother of many children from Naberezhnye Chelny again put one of her children behind the wheel. The child accelerated to 130 kilometers per hour, and the woman filmed this on a video and published an entry on the Web.

The footage clearly shows how a minor drives a car on a public road. At the same time, the car moves at high speed - the vehicle’s speedometer got into the lens.

The woman, who entrusted the management of her nine-year-old son, commented on her actions as follows: "I live as I want, I do not regret anything - I am completely calm about everything."

In response to numerous comments and appeals to recall the rules of the road and common sense, she replied that "I do not need your wretched comments." Without going through my life you have no right to judge. "

It is difficult to say what tests this lady goes through, but it is known for certain that she has repeatedly become the heroine of the news.

So, according to media reports , her assets already include the transfer of vehicle control to a child. In addition, the woman published a video in which she drives a car with a baby in her arms.

It is also known that relatively recently there was another scandal involving a woman accused of biting the accountant of a kindergarten, which one of her children goes to.

In addition, in early November, the lady accused the Investigative Committee employee of “having handed her six-year-old son to the police for asking to add little things to buy water.” According to the woman, the child walking on the street wanted to drink, but there was no money to buy. Then the boy asked a passerby who turned out to be a security official to sponsor him, but instead ended up in the police.

“How, after such similar cases, one can generally believe, trust and respect people in uniform who allow them to behave this way, all the more so with a boy who is only 6 years old. After all, the elementary officer should have helped the boy in his request for water and not cause him physical and moral suffering "(the author’s spelling and punctuation are preserved), the mother of the detained child wrote on social networks, writing a statement to law enforcement agencies

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Yeah she lost her kid that day

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Dumb B***h should be more concern and proactive with that engine check light.