First The Ice-Cream Naw This Report

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2724 Videos . Published on Jul 06, 2019
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queenblubberlips 10 days ago

I really hope this stupid N****r fad keeps going and they all end up in N****r University.

blessed2525813 7 days ago

I really hope pu**ys like you show your face around someone light skinned like me and say that. Don't think I won't slap youfor being a female you racist unempathetical ass. I'm in Florida, and in this South, we don't play that racist shit. Go experience some diversity in your life and grow the F**k up. Dumba**

white-mans-catnip 10 days ago

I really hope the sun intensifies more so you people will have to stay inside during the day.

nino_shootax 10 days ago

Throw both the Bxtch and the stick in the trash