First The Ice-Cream Naw This Report

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4735 Videos . Published on Jul 06, 2019

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queenblubberlips 11 months ago

I really hope this stupid nigger fad keeps going and they all end up in Nigger University.

blessed2525813 11 months ago

I really hope pu**ys like you show your face around someone light skinned like me and say that.
Don't think I won't slap youfor being a female you racist unempathetical ass.
I'm in Florida, and in this South, we don't play that racist shit.
Go experience some diversity in your life and grow the fuck up.

white-mans-catnip 11 months ago

I really hope the sun intensifies more so you people will have to stay inside during the day.

nino_shootax 11 months ago

Throw both the bitch and the stick in the trash