Webbie Speaks After Boosie Put Him On Blast "Shut Your P***y Azz Up!" Report

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254 Videos . Published on May 15, 2020

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hugo 2 months ago

What the F**k this N***a talken bout

jayb 2 months ago

Smh This N***a gay!

slice 2 months ago

If Pimp C was still here he would check them both.

meekmillfan 2 months ago

Webbie susper sus, Meek would never do this

rdavis67 2 months ago

Boosie a faggot. hope 50 beats his Azz for that money he cheated him out of

blazeupbih 2 months ago

He not talking bout Boosie wtf wrong with u people he talking about a hater that called him gay..

rogerbrown 2 months ago

Webbie you outta pocket for saying some super bussy talk to Boosie

helly883 1 month ago


thehazeofourlives 2 months ago


ghostface704 2 months ago

Dumb Country Weirdo

sagittarius617 2 months ago

He looks like a homeless coke addict with a dirty fake chain that’ll turn your neck green bwhahahahah

beingnosey 2 months ago

All of what he said is questionable. So he likes fellas