Young Chop Unc Is Spazzing Out, Says Atl Goons Is Gay & Wont Step Foot In Chicago


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By: lilgeorge   Channel : Hip Hop News  

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Info : Published on Apr 20, 2020

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blackfact61 6 months ago

Who was his role model growing up in Chicago? I’m just saying I don’t want us to be old talking like we still in the streets if we had great role models! I don’t want to be grandpa old talk about I’m eating bullets! I know a better life is out there in Chicago!

steppa 6 months ago

aint no age on gangsta u dont kno how mf live weirdo stay in school and out of street life its either in you or on you

blackfact61 6 months ago

It’s in me. I wasn’t raised in no government school I was raised by the Black Panthers! I just asked a question I’m not no Internet Gangster and if you live like that that’s you, but don’t disrespect me and I don’t have to be nor play like I’m gangster in my life, but in real life I can show you what a man does, So, looks like there isn’t no age on weirdo’s who reply’s to what you know not! Now, run along I don’t care who you are, this ain’t what you want!