They Tried To Kill Him With Popeyes Biscuits


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By: coldirtybastard   Channel : Hood Clips  

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Info : Published on Aug 02, 2020

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dwyn 4 months ago

He look like he's thinking.....this is a bad idea Popeye's biscuit are dry as sand 😂😂😂

thehazeofourlives 4 months ago

I have no respect for young black males that dont know how to use a MF belt.

ericgilbert21 4 months ago

I agree, how the fūck you sag wit skinny jeans, that Sh*t look Gay af

ericgilbert21 4 months ago

This nìgga out there wearing kaprees tf, damn shame

kkcrispy 4 months ago

my man tryna eat

staylaughinatchall 4 months ago

Dude needed to eat.. you see them 2 different shoes he was rocking.. them boys was feeding the needy! good job