Crazy: Dude Goes To A Graveyard And Speaks Ill On The Dead Report

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48603 Videos . Published on Jul 27, 2019

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bigdawg 7 months ago

Damn, used to be we didn't fuck around in grave yards, that was crazy white boy shit. Used to be....

mrslue 7 months ago

Camera man was coo until he showed his face ????

hydratedh2o 7 months ago

so done with these he-bitches, him and this fuck boy with the camera deserve whatever murder they catch. pussies out here doing anything for likes, now when they come blowing shots through his family and piss on their graves, he'll understand.

mrallen912 7 months ago


benevoletracist 7 months ago

Even Rosa Parks would have kicked his sorry disrespectful ass off the bus.
He probably stealing flowers for his mama's birthday anyway
Rateye lives.

alligator 7 months ago

At least he's not white, otherwise he would've dug up the corpses and had sex with them