University Of Virginia Student Says There Are Too Many White People In Multicultural Student Center Report

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3500 Videos . Published on Feb 13, 2020

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kingshawn 14 days ago

Someone needs to beat this racist bitches ass. She should definitely be kicked out of the school.

bigjay 13 days ago

Too many white people paying extra admission to attend college like foreign students from abroad, and American white students at a standard rate getting accepted on their true merits, while the C minus black female student was accepted based on her race is sickening to see people like her. She's a racist bitch and she needs to go back to her block because clearly she is not college grad material. She should be expelled .

bigjay 13 days ago

Asian students from abroad pay 3 times as much tuition so this one can create her own "Safe space " from " white people" on " other peoples" dollar.