Gang Member Stabs Rival As He Sits In His Car In The Streets Of London Report

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2535 Videos . Published on Sep 27, 2019

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monkeyforsale 3 months ago

Africunts are turning my country into a shithole.

bootlegyourmom 3 months ago

!!!!!!!BAN ALL KNIVES!!!!!!!

bigsen 2 months ago


legacy 3 months ago

How far did he drive before he couldn't go any further

slickrick00 3 months ago

cheerio nigga isa gonna stabs you today. cheerio

rekklesp 3 months ago

Phone check homie phone check!

xtomgee 2 months ago

Them London mfers love to rundown on niggas wit knives , come to the US wit that shit ; we got 50 round drums for situations like this

money123 2 months ago


meekmillfan 3 months ago

idiot just stood there, could've drove tf off or let the window up

maddworld1 3 months ago

How you got a opp that drives a car like that