Man Gets Ambushed In Front Of His Home


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Info : Published on Nov 14, 2019

Kendall man who was ambushed in front of his home nearly two months ago is asking for the public’s help in bringing the gunman to justice.

On August 27th, Alex Vega was parking his 2019 Land Rover SUV inside the garage of his home in the 10600 block of SW 118th Avenue at around 8 p.m., when he was shot.

The surveillance video shows an unknown male approaching the SUV, on the driver’s side, opening fire, striking Vega several times.

“Right in the back of my shoulder, right next to my spine, and underneath my heart and my lungs,” said Vega on Wednesday as he spoke about the shooting at Miami-Dade police headquarters.

The suspect is then seen running from the scene eastbound on SW 106 Terrace

“It’s a horrific experience to be pulling into your house and that happening to you,” said Vega.

Vega, 45, said he never got a good look at the masked gunman.

Investigators believe the surveillance video of the attack points to a targeted ambush.

Vega, a well-known auto designer, wants to know why.

“I don’t have enemies,” he said. “I have a successful business. It could have been because of that, people that envy or hate you.”

Vega said it’ still painful to think about what could have happened, his wife and a son home were home at the time

“I just thank God every day that they hit me,” he said.

Vega said asking for help, something he says he’s watched on the news every day, is something that he never imagined he would have to do.

“Please, if anybody saw anything that you saw, that you could remember, please call Crime Stoppers. Let’s get this guy off of the streets, this is my community, your community, I love my community and love living with freedom and not fear,” he said.

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money123 12 months ago

He's got a bunch of friends

kokomami 12 months ago

Never let ANYONE Know where u live this is the number one pointer

josephaaneya 12 months ago

Arrest him