Kid Spit A Huge Loogie After Dude Refused To Give Him A Dollar Report

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18046 Videos . Published on Nov 07, 2019

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bigsen 7 months ago

beat his lil ass

money123 7 months ago

Nah bro you dead

josephaaneya 7 months ago


slickrick00 7 months ago

another lil nigger felon in the making, will a cop shoot him, will another bLAck nigger shoot em, will he kill another nigger, will he go to prison for life? so few possibilities for LOW IQ out of control niggers. Build more abortion centers in the ghetto. sterilize the prison population .

atp2 7 months ago

I had this to happen to me before the kid spit on me and I slapped the shit out of him he ran in the house crying to get his big brother and I beat his ass too I never played that spitting on people shit it's nasty period

snappy77 7 months ago

Nasty mtf