Botham Jean's Brother Tells Amber Guyger He Forgives Her And Doesn't Want Her To Go To Prison At All Report

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48607 Videos . Published on Oct 02, 2019
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Botham Jean's brother Brandt took the opportunity to forgive Amber Guyger, tell her to devote her life to Christ, and then asked the judge if he could give Guyger a hug.


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high-iq-neanderthug 5 months ago

Cooning 101
The bible is a hell of a drug

high-iq-neanderthug 5 months ago

You're such a dumbass. Botham brother just coon his way over for a hug with the "devil" that murder his brother, he even told her "I wish you didn't have to go to prison." All in the name of Christianity and a god that doesn't exist. Now get out of my comment and go pray to your white massa Jesus, while Negroes continue to get slaughter and harsher prison sentences in this Country.

bmanwilson 5 months ago

Don't put the Bible in this the bible didn't shoot that man and got that man killed a racist entitled HUMAN is what got that man killed so u putting the Bible in this is not even relevant

bmanwilson 5 months ago

Bruh you are really showing how ignorant you are for the thousand and one time Christianity is not a white fucking religion damn do your research you just repeating shit you here off the street do your OWN research and get your OWN opinion. Secondly there is nothing wrong with forgiving but he made the PERSONAL decision to say HE doesn't want her to go to jail. Bruh you need to learn bad and learn to listen.

high-iq-neanderthug 5 months ago

"Do my own research!!?" Nigga? The Bible was plagiarizes and written by crackers, most of the scriptures are taken from "Black ppl" like "The Egyptian Book of the Dead" and plagiarizes. And your Black Hebrews in Africa got that work too, all of their source materials come str8 out of Kemet. Why you think those fake Ashkenazi white Jews don't subscribe to your religion moron, cause it doesn't exist, all they know are the Torah and Talmud. All major religions were rooted in Kemet, sample and plagiarizes.

bmanwilson 5 months ago

Bruh u r ignorant as hell but you are half right but you are still ignorant

high-iq-neanderthug 5 months ago

There goes your #BLM ppl.
We just love taking losses don't we y'all.

snappy77 5 months ago

forgivness is real

herov 5 months ago

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lilgeorge 5 months ago

This shit is coony

txhustla1 5 months ago


brodriguez 5 months ago


nathandrake89 5 months ago

That guy really does have a heart

rlfaulkner88 5 months ago

Sad af

odysseydoll 5 months ago

That was so sad and I commend him for being a strong young man with a heart of forgiveness even though she killed his brother in cold blood:

sunnyvoodooo 5 months ago

Don’t know what to say

bigsen 5 months ago


money123 5 months ago

f that lol

bmanwilson 5 months ago

True definition of a coon cause if this man was black he would understand in cases like this it's about justice for his brother and justice for all the innocent who are going to be killed in this same situation by racist whites. Like she killed your brother in cold blood and you want her back on the streets to live to the fullest with no remorse and do it again. He needs his black card revoked. I couldn't even that man my brother that man is a fucking oreo