Guy Destroys Mcdonalds During Meltdown Report

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4966 Videos . Published on Nov 04, 2019

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bootlegyourmom 8 months ago

Typical N****r behavior. Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme

fuxwitit247 8 months ago

You know damn well the Cartel kills people just for the fun of it....all cultures got monsters

blacksfarsuperior 8 months ago

People have breakdowns in these places because they serve poison ...thw people.that eat this stuff are already zombies. makes the subconscious mad that a demonic place like this even exists ...whitey has made this a horrible place

fuxwitit247 8 months ago

It's because they serve cheap food and poor mentally unhealthy people eat dont see this at high end restaurants

teddylee 8 months ago

The last frame is hilarious....

nice 8 months ago

Typical N***a want Sh*t for free. Then when the N***a did not the N***a destroys. Wtf

money123 8 months ago

People are creepy

bigdawg 8 months ago

Should have given him that extra S

josephaaneya 8 months ago


snappy77 8 months ago

he went nacho

fuxwitit247 8 months ago

The works should have slapped the Sh*t out of him with a Big Mac...