Down Goes Frazier: Tall Dude Gets Dropped Like A Statue After Trying The Wrong One Report

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48722 Videos . Published on Aug 25, 2019

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mrky859 6 months ago

that punch came from our ancestors 400 yrs of angry

sys 7 months ago

Why in the world would you stay within striking range of someone you about to fight? And with your hands down.

fuxwitit247 7 months ago

Because you're not smart enough to walk away from the fight...

sys 7 months ago

Obviously my question does not include those who have enough sense to walk away.

fuxwitit247 7 months ago

Sometimes a tree just gotta be chopped down...

thunderlips 7 months ago

At this moment..Steve decided to become a mass shooter..

bigdawg 7 months ago

Damn, the sound alone making my jaw ache.

atp2 5 months ago