Battle Rapper Brings Out Opponent's Nude Photo During Battle! Report

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16 Videos . Published on Aug 26, 2019
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Battle Rap

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Queen Vixen Vs Ms Hustle
Full Battle:


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Rap Battle

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fuxwitit247 5 months ago

Chardonnay is that you?...damn

girlfriend 5 months ago

Damn. Did she have a comeback?

bootlegyourmom 5 months ago

Fat sheboon convention. Wonder what swag they're giving away?

wakanda77 5 months ago

The bootlegyourmom commemorative Incel pendant free with the whoop a racist’s ass mug. Yuour mothers a sheboon..

bootlegyourmom 5 months ago


Stupid N!gger

shamodon10 5 months ago

bitch built like a college refrigerator ..

suckyducky 5 months ago

Why that big bitch look like my cousin

nice 5 months ago

Cause she is

suckyducky 5 months ago

Might be I dont know the bitch that well so I dnt really care same hoe they was calling meek mill lil sister

sys 5 months ago

I am sorry but black women are not doing much to help the cause! Looks like WWE convention?

white-mans-catnip 5 months ago

Yea cause all black women are battle rappers smh

xtomgee 5 months ago

Man shut yo dumbass up

sys 5 months ago

Correction i mean the ones that be dressing like wrestlers; and them street brawlers too! Not all black women

sirsmokealot 5 months ago

That bitch suck only thing she did was the pic

benevoletracist 5 months ago

"You ain't got the best body". ain't that the pot calling the kettle black.

xtomgee 5 months ago

Her body better than the competition tho