White Man Pulls Gun On Black Neighbor Then Shot At Him 20 Times! Report

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8602 Videos . Published on Jun 29, 2020
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He shot at him and hit his car almost 20 times after the video ended! He has been arrested!


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greater20 10 days ago

Black guy really humble when they are not in a crowd. How does it feel to be on the receiving end of the barrel?

petedon39 10 days ago

Really cause most of the white guys I see getting their asses whipped are always in crowds and it probably feels like everyone else feels standing on the receiving end of a barrel nimrod having a gun don't make you tough infact it makes you a P***y and a complete dumb Azz since your probably going to jail as this idiot did why don't you find a good book to read instead of being full of hate who cares if your white or I'm black we're all human Jesus died for all people not one nationality think before you speak like when you tell your mom that you love her how can you love and hate at the same time how can you say you love God whom you have not seen but but not love your fellow man who you have seen

shadyville 10 days ago

Humble what video did you see. That white P***y had fun. And the black man stood his ground and you can clearly tell when the white boy shot he trash that grouping is horrible. He lucky he didn't get his Azz beat up and his gun taken from him

roscoe35 10 days ago


greater20 9 days ago

@FW14. That FW stands for Fxg wangsta

greenrod 10 days ago

petedon39 bro your wrong in the part you side: We are all humans. Do your research bro, the only humans on earth are black people with 2 black parents and all the other race including whites are Neanderthals. And jesus is not he's he's real name nor is he white. That's all the white devils jesus who are children of satan. And it's always going to be about race because it's O mighty Lord children who are us Vs Satan's children who are them. This is why this race war will never end

roscoe35 10 days ago

@ Fw14- Oh Yea? Well take this. KABLAM. And now this. KAPOW and now this KABLOOM. HAHAHAhAHAH I guess he won't be talking much now. HAHAHAHAHAHA

greater20 10 days ago

You don't see white people attacking old ladies in wheelchairs. Black man tucked away his tail and found his corner. He's probably on the phone right now with Obama and Sharpton. Message to woke black people, everyone is tired of your crap.

thehazeofourlives 10 days ago

STFU your mother has BBC semen breath right now Bussyboy

fw14119 9 days ago

roscoe is a B***h his parents are B*****s and I bet he won't meet up. Like I said he's a keyboard gangstas that ain't had any P***y outside of his mama. I have no problem dropping my location for him or any of you guys that want smoke I stay smoking. Now unless you are ready for that work don't come for me

fw14119 9 days ago

that is right keyboard gangsta I bet you won't show up. Tell your mom she can get all thirteen, inches of the Dxck

loveyoubaby 9 days ago

Here I am on the corner of Flatbush and Church st. in Brooklyn. I am here several times a day. Ride up mother fucker. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. BIOTCH

fw14119 10 days ago

I wish that you want to hard F**k boys would try a real black man like that. I know you keyboard gangstas won't do Sh*t but freeze. I am the one to try out like that you would have to pull that trigger before I take your gun. I don't fear Sh*t not even death.

greater20 9 days ago

You a B*tch. You came out of your mom's ass. You a Gay tight pants wearing semen breath sucka. Your kid is not yours biologically. Crack whore child

igivesnofuks 10 days ago

ya put that gun down n get knocked out like ya father used to 😂

roscoe35 10 days ago

That is how you handle a mother F**king niggr. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

socoto070 10 days ago

Really ??? What a niggr ??? And why would you handle one that way ?

loveyoubaby 9 days ago

A niggr is a foul creature from the African swamp. Maybe you saw them spawn on Saturday mornings on Creature Feature. Then again you probably saw them spawn from your mothers pussie every year she was in county lockup for hoooking on the corner of Flatbush and Church st and her name was StACY aka Hazeofourlives. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

macdawg13 10 days ago

Super P***y scared to death to fight like a man F**king coward

greenrod 10 days ago

Always a honkie needs a gun then they'll mouths won't shut the hell up. That's what a P***y looks like. A Real MAN don't need weapons

raw440 5 days ago

20 times?? Thats a whole Azz revolver🤔

atp2 6 days ago

Wow this was in St.louis