Body Camera Captures Officer

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Published on Jan 15, 2019

A recently-promoted Carrollton, Georgia, police corporal has resigned
after a video surfaced on social media that appears to show him punch a
20-year-old man in the face during a confrontation.

The cellphone video, which was recorded by a witness, appears to show
three officers speaking to Amor Ellison. Five-year department veteran
Cpl.. C.J. Meeks is then seen throwing his notepad down on the ground
before trying to get Ellison’s hands behind his back.

The struggle moves to the ground, where Meeks appears to punch Ellison in the face.

“I tried to turn over, but the way all three of them were trying to
handle me, I can barely get over in time, so he punched me,” Ellison
said. “I had both hands behind my back, and he punched me one more

Meeks resigned Thursday before the internal investigation ended.