Smh: Dude Kicked A Child In The Head While Her Mother Was Getting Jumped


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By: dance-with-the-devil   Channel : Damn Shame  

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Info : Published on Jul 13, 2020

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greenlantern1 5 months ago

let’s thank the person who posted it and all of them go to jail

greenlantern1 5 months ago

I would break his leg so bad, he would never kick anybody else. That’s a little punk

bwiller 5 months ago

Bro somebody please find this dude info

bwiller 5 months ago

Most definitely yeah idc about the mother because I’m sure they were drama filled but man I’m so tired of these innocent kids getting hurt Because of these dumb Azz parents

benevoletracist 5 months ago

If you want to catch him, how much is it worth to you ?? Find out the city, go to Crime Stoppers and see about posting a reward. Then post his picture on every telephone pole in the city. $5000.oo ought to get him.

benevoletracist 5 months ago

If I was gonna guess I think she knew her attackers

tecee90 5 months ago

Kill him

onelove1333 5 months ago

Smh if only I couldve been there to make a man out of him. Damn thats F****d up!

bwiller 5 months ago

I wanna kill him so bad yo

fuzzyslippazz 5 months ago

F*ck All Those Animals.......

ericgilbert21 5 months ago

Not good, but you can tell it was on accident. Don’t think he was going for the kid.

onelove1333 5 months ago

He saw that kid. He took plenty steps before he got there. I would've hurt him bad.

grappler247 5 months ago

Don't make excuses for that little demon.

goldmouth843sc 5 months ago

I agree it was a accident but he was still going to kick a female while she was already getting jumped... He wasn't taught how to be a man...

sys 5 months ago

Strangely greenrod is silent when it comes to this type of video

billbutton 5 months ago

He so wack for that sucker shit.....he must sit down and pee pee because only B*****s do Sh*t like kids D*ck head

marcos1967 5 months ago

This is why the police are so important because of N*****s like that and I'm a black man also if I found out were that F*ck N****r lives I would cut his heart out and feed it to his hoe mother for hurting that lil girl

bwiller 5 months ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

bwiller 5 months ago

Like deadass

dalnor35 4 months ago

Why he even in a girl fight. Someone need to beat his Azz

diva 5 months ago

Never got the whole jumping someone thing but all these hoes and the little flying B***h need to be got. I keep saying WE need our own police for Sh*t like this fr.

shaun 5 months ago

Id kill that MF that was kicking people

giddyup 4 months ago

Wow thats a Damn shame

ronier 3 months ago

I don't think this F**king degenerate retard was aiming for the kid though. But still crucify him and burn him alive.

kcmoe21 5 months ago

That little N***a would have been dead f*** with my child

rdavis67 5 months ago

life in the hood no one is off limits. typical behavior where violence is the first option even against small innocent children.

cutthroat88 5 months ago


greater20 5 months ago

One good thing we did was teach those primates how to operate a camera. Now they can capture themselves killing each other

johndoemofo 5 months ago

That whole violent n^gger family needs to be buried under the prison.

greater20 5 months ago

Any good blackie is a dead blackie. Just look at how those monkeys treat their offspring