Cleaner Killed After Underground Septic Tank Explode At Customer's House Report

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5122 Videos . Published on Nov 06, 2019
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A septic tank cleaner was killed after an underground septic tank exploded at a customer's house in East Jakarta.

The cleaner was seen chatting with the owner of the house. The conversation took place just above the septic tank. At that time, the worker had just put a burning newspaper into the septic tank pit to prove the desludging process was complete and done properly. But the homeowner was complaining that the fire only kept getting larger.

Instantly after, a large explosion occurred from under the septic tank. The septic tank manhole cover embedded under the floor was also released due to explosion effects.
The explosion killed the worker (44), and injured the homeowner. Luckily, he did not fall into the septic tank. Although he survived death, the homeowner could not walk because of injuries.


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