Woman Gun-Butts Her Daughter For Crying While She Was Pistol Whipping Another Woman In A Clothing Store Report

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1159 Videos . Published on Oct 06, 2019

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bootlegyourmom 7 days ago

trarozay family doing the MOST.
Stupid apes

trarozay 4 days ago

???????? Fuck u I lol'd at this

mollyxmack 7 days ago

Fucking sad man

nikkilove 7 days ago

Just wow. Ducking shameful. I’m embarrassed for her. How you let another human make you so mad that you accidentally hit your own child. Fucking bum bitch

doctormagic 5 days ago

black girl magic


meekmillfan 8 days ago

i like this

meekmillfan 8 days ago

she hit da babe in the Mawth

manmadddd 8 days ago

Change yo friends. This the same bitch that was throwing her mans shit off the balcony.

lilgeorge 8 days ago

They messed up the plce

korbyn 6 days ago

Absolutely ridiculous. I am so grateful that I don't have to deal with that sort of behavior.

money123 7 days ago

I'm out not today lol

sunnyvoodooo 7 days ago

Fucked up frfr

savageboizay 5 days ago

Deez hoes wild'n

fuckoutmyface 5 days ago

Take her fuckin kids away

hecter 7 days ago

Plus Size????

knutz666 5 days ago

these are your queens ,

snappy77 7 days ago

Its bqd out here if the women act worst than the men

crimson94 6 days ago

I feel that once a mother proves she has no issue endangering the life of their child...FORCED STERILIZATION

Ugh silly Hoes.... They don't give a fuck about them selves let alone they own kids..??????????????????????

bigsen 6 days ago

she might get attempt murder on the baby...

dey 7 days ago

Smfh pitiful ???????????