Her Boss Don't Care How Clean That P***y Is


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By: lilgeorge   Channel : SMH  

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Info : Published on Jun 08, 2020

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rdavis67 6 months ago

Go home mckayla

greenrod 6 months ago

it's fake you dumb honkie super pinky red devil, can you see you pathetic little P***y clown B***h

rdavis67 6 months ago

you a weak Azz little B***h P***y greenrod. never amount to nothing punk dig it

rdavis67 6 months ago

Get out.

greater20 6 months ago

Please don't call her back. The restaurant is more quiet, and smells nicer without that ghetto black female around. Plus there won't be any false hair from weaves in your food.

paullaney 6 months ago

Without her it would only smell like boiled peanuts and mayo

ericgilbert21 6 months ago


roscoe35 6 months ago

She post the video like she is proud. This is a dumb nigger.

snappy77 6 months ago

she fired but at least her P***y clean