Armed Robber Gets Gunned Down By Off-Duty Cop Report

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4781 Videos . Published on Nov 08, 2019
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Video shows the exact moment a robber dies in a confrontation in Curitiba. The thief encountered a municipal officer on leave when he exited the Magazine Luiza Store, after robbing employees and clients.

Initial information shows that the outlaw entered the scene with a gun and declared a robbery, surrendering whoever was inside. A municipal officer on leave was warned by a women that a robbery was taking place nearby. At that point, the off duty officer dispatched to the scene.

Then, the robber made his escape and pointed the gun (a .32 caliber revolver) at the guard, who reacted and ended up hitting the individual. The man, approximately 30 years old, did not resist and died at the scene. "

Happened on November 7th in Curitiba, Brazil


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