Chick Buys Her Homeless, Crackhead Mom Food & Clothes, Mom Throws A Tantrum Because She Didn't Get Her Cigarettes


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By: lilgeorge   Channel : Crackheads  

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Info : Published on Sep 06, 2020

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shahdcon 2 months ago

She's homeless for a reason... take the L and move on. Find yourself a nice guy and live your life. Tell him your mother OD'ed and died then keep it moving

shoc2006 2 months ago

damn. finally another voice of reason!

paullaney 1 month ago

This is what happens when you mix with neanderthals. Uncivilized POS.

realhated 2 months ago

either poor drug addicts or idiots still smoke in 2020. vaping is just as stupid.

rustyben911 9 days ago

By that so-called mother nothing to eat