Big Guy Knock Down Woman When His Loose Dog Is Attacked By Her Leashed Dog Report

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715 Videos . Published on Sep 07, 2019

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suckyducky 14 days ago

Hope somebody came back and defended her

zodd 15 days ago

Typical. White men always beat their women and rape their kids.

fuxwitit247 15 days ago

If you were a white person on the other end, I would laugh so hard.....

shoc2006 16 days ago

lol what an ahole. her fault?

fuxwitit247 15 days ago

It's the dogs fault....

meekmillfan 16 days ago

lmaoo what?

fuxwitit247 15 days ago

Where was meek when we needed him?

meekmillfan 15 days ago

true, but then again i wouldnt want meek getting knocked down by him

brodriguez 16 days ago

Somebody needs to beat his fat Humpty Dumpty rolly Polly ass. POS

fuxwitit247 15 days ago

Somebody's got daddy issues...