Hood Rats Fighting At A Hair Salon


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By: prissy916   Channel : Girl Fights  

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Info : Published on Aug 19, 2020

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kimbee 3 months ago

I wonder if that guy was a random guy or knew them? Im glad he step in would have gotten pretty ugly.

pesos 3 months ago


rdavis67 3 months ago

nasty Azz hood rats.. did anyone notice cash only money befroe services sign? wonder why they want that money before services?

icedawriter 3 months ago

Watching this and judging all blacks is like watching watching middle of america nodding off and judging all whites. Educated blacks dont live in these neighborhoods. They’re your doctors, lawyers, teachers and other professionals. There are at least 30,000 black students on campus at a time at historically black colleges and we hear not a peep of violence or see videos like this. Thats not promoted though. Wonder why? Stop falling for the propaganda. Very sheepish of you.

rdavis67 3 months ago

you see the recent shooting at Alabama State University? So dont hand me that shit. i just stated the obvious. are you aware of what site you are on? i think its content speaks for itself. i do agree that educated blacks do not live in the hood and they are productive citizens.

realhated 3 months ago