Gave Him A Lesson: Og Pulled Up On This Youngster For Disrespecting His Mother Report

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5045 Videos . Published on Jan 23, 2020

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kingshawn 1 month ago

"Yeah I'm that nigga for real"
Against a 12 year old.

trarozay 1 month ago

Nah og percy that nigga he known for shooting and beating niggas to death literally he ain't no joke

kingshawn 1 month ago

He sounds like an uneducated pussy to me. So do you if you are touting the reputation of a "nigga known for shooting and beating niggas to death literally"... Black culture is full if dumb niggas like you.

fatman420 1 month ago

The mama stupid y would u put yo son n that situation......what if the lil nigga wanted to play tough

batman20 28 days ago


qamfly87 28 days ago

O.G Percy show no Mercy. If a mf 9-99 and disrespect my moms im on the same shit. whoever dont like its jus used to they Momma gettin treated like shit. thats all. fuck your emotions if they Not Logical

qamfly87 28 days ago

Trarozay. this is where the internet Gangster fled to. because on regualr social media they easier to find. They these faggs be on here. this is where they get they shine without physical encounters THEY WAY THEY LIKE IT. LMFAOOOOOO. Let em have they fun. This is where the pussies play bro