First Time CNN Has For Black Host At One Time And This What Happens Report

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8684 Videos . Published on Sep 09, 2019

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gasparyanga 11 months ago

One must inquire why ANYONE would go to the Cheesecake factory and still be going, white or Black, the food is awful.

zodd 11 months ago

In Toronto, the food is fire!!!!

fuxwitit247 11 months ago

zodd you from Canada?

zodd 11 months ago

No, Toronto is in China, you dumb fuck.

fuxwitit247 11 months ago

The Factory helped pay for my Guinea Pigs abortion....I cant hate.

bootlegyourmom 11 months ago

Only proving statistics correct. They can never just be professional. They are always monkeying around.

shoc2006 11 months ago

uuuh for cheesecake? lol

luckyking16 11 months ago