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Info : - When it comes to violence in hip-hop, legendary emcee Scarface told VladTV that "every man fights the war he deserves," and he revealed why he doesn't roll with an entourage. He explained that he believes in settling things squarely, and Scarface added, " If you come for me you gotta come, though, because I come back."

While discussing negative media portryals, Scarface brings up Donald Trump and how he loves him "because he don't know no better." "I love him," Scarface says with a grin. "He's f***ing rich and f***ing lawless...he don't give a f*** about that s***."

During the conversation the Houston emcee also spoke about why he never wanted to reach superstar status, as Scarface says he likes living a life of normalcy. After pointing out that he's friends with Jay Z, Kanye, and other highly watched celebrities, Scarface admits that he never desired that kind of life.


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