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Shocking video footage shows the 'disgusting' moment a handcuffed woman attempted to wriggle out of a police car window – and repeatedly SPAT in cops’ faces who tried to stop her.

Hundreds of onlookers at the car meet-up gathered to watch as the woman launched her legs out of the car window as she grappled with the constable outside Tesco in Brislington, Bristol.

The event, which saw hundreds of petrol-heads gather in the supermarket's car park to show off their vehicles, descended into chaos after the woman spat at officers and other members of the crowd.

Police claimed they were called to the venue after bottles were thrown, but organisers Roll District - who invited thousands of people on social media - denied there was any violence.

Matt Smetham, who filmed the fracas, said he was covered in saliva after the woman aimed spit at the police.


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