Sad: Girl Committed Suicide By Jumping In A River Because Her Girlfriend Died Report

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1096 Videos . Published on Aug 01, 2019
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Facebook: jay dor


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7thwardairlines 3 months ago

Video proves nothing!

luckyking16 2 months ago

Thx couldn’t find this on FB. I read all her cries for help leading up to this.. being she’s a dike I see how she’s weak,

jutu318 2 months ago

I think YouTube removed the video off their website

tmac 2 months ago

This needs to be taken down. It’s disrespectful and rude to her family.

deewhy92 2 months ago

She live streamed it... ????

tmac 2 months ago

It’s been removed from her page. This is an old classmate of mines.

jutu318 2 months ago

You'll have to contact flyheight and ask them if they can remove the video