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Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies were caught on video shooting a man as he walked away from them, firing upon him repeatedly as he tried to crawl away on his stomach.

Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies confirmed the killing but have released no other information at this time.

The video was recorded by a witness who is remaining anonymous but sent the video to KTLA, which describes the scene as follows:
At least a dozen gunshots can then be heard being fired, and the man falls to the ground.

Once on the ground, the camera panned to focus solely on the man, who crawls next to the gas station and away from the gunfire.

After a pause in audible gunfire, at least a dozen additional shots are heard.

The camera then panned back to two deputies, who both had arms raised and were pointing guns in the man’s direction.

At least one of the deputies then fired additional shots before the video ends.
Shocked witnesses at first assumed the deputies were using bean bags. But then they realized they had been using real bullets.


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