Clerk Tries To Stop Teen Shoplifters, And Gets Jumped


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Info : Published on Nov 27, 2019

A juvenile was arrested by Boston police in connection with an apparent shoplifting incident that happened at a convenience store in the city's Dorchester neighborhood.

Police said they responded at about 5:45 p.m. Monday to a robbery at Rosario Grocery on Washington Street.

The owner called police, saying his store was robbed and that one of his clerks had been jumped and sprayed with pepper spray.

The clerk said two teenagers who were approximately 15 years old walked into the store, and one of them stole a bag of chips and left the store.

The clerk let that teen go but, when the second teen tried to steal more, the clerk jumped over the counter to stop him and the clerk was assaulted.

According to police, the victim said a group of six to eight teenagers came into the store and began to assault him.

The clerk told police that he tried to spray them with pepper spray, but he was overpowered and the teens used the spray on him.

After the group fled the store, the victim locked the door and called police, he said.

The incident was captured on surveillance video, which the owner or Rosario Grocery provided to WCVB.

The video shows the clerk and another man were inside the store when two teens appeared to steal items.

After the clerk jumped over the counter and jumped onto one of the alleged shoplifters, that teen can be seen throwing punches at the clerk, while another teen who walked into the store threw an item at the clerk.

One teen can also be seen taking what appears to be a box of candy near the front of the store while the clerk struggled with multiple teens off camera in the back of the store.

Police said the clerk told them that the teens later threatened the store owner through the window with a knife and tried to break down the window before leaving.

After detectives watched surveillance video of the incident, they stopped an individual at 9 Peacevale Road later that night.

That individual, a juvenile, was arrested for delinquency to shoplift under $50, according to officials.

Boston police are investigating the incident.

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