Transwoman Covered In Blood After An Attack


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By: coldirtybastard   Channel : Brazil  

Tags : transgender, blood,

Info : Published on Sep 23, 2019

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meekmillfan 1 year ago

This video makes me happy

rumpl4skin 1 year ago

That says alot about you. More than I think you realize.

sys 1 year ago

Me too. Go around trying to trick N****s into F**king dude and get killed or messed up

sirsmokealot 1 year ago

Hate fags? The answer's yes

meekmillfan 1 year ago


lestatdulac03 2 days ago

Thats how white people feel about you N****r Azz

mrwrong 1 year ago

You know who be attacking and fighting trannies? Niggas who fuck trannies.

bruce 1 year ago

- transwoman

zodd 1 year ago

bootlegyourmom got beat up bad

bootlegyourmom 1 year ago

zodd one day i'll be able to afford your karate classes

zodd 1 year ago

just stop dressing like a Fxg and sucking cocks, people would stop slapping the Sh*t out of ya.

legacy 1 year ago

They probably killed him..

sirsmokealot 1 year ago

????????????funny af fucking fag

hydratedh2o 1 year ago

was a time i'd feel bad for one of these fuckers, but these alphabet people have gotten out of control, trying to tell me what I can and can't say, wanting all this special treatment that totally inconveniences life normal people. so fuck it. earn that special bathroom buddy!

callhaliiv 3 months ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

ericgilbert21 3 months ago

Let em know you out here with a dick

lestatdulac03 2 days ago

Why The fuck you is niggas so fucking obsessed with what somebody is doing with there life. If she wants to dress like women it their business. I wish you hoe ass niggas Focus it on your own fucking lives. I bet nun of you mf have a meaningful JOB or VOTE focus on that and not what she is doing.