OG Beats A Young Guy Azz For Coming Into His House Trying To Check Him And For Calling Him Out His Name Report

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1159 Videos . Published on Oct 06, 2019

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manmadddd 8 days ago

Whenever your opp start talking while they holding you right after they just played drums on yo face that means they just catching they breath for the next round

brodriguez 6 days ago


realhated 8 days ago

imagine being proud of being an "OG". Pathetic

amasai 7 days ago

This whole house is a mess. Why is there a walker and a wheelchair there, why so many smokes, why didnt his punches hurt the dude, who still gangbangs in 2019, why is the apartment so small, whos the lady just chillin....so many questions

normalthom 7 days ago

Apartment is small because it's in the projects that you and I are paying for. Punches didn't hurt because the guy was high on crack. The house is a mess because they don't care, they'll just move to another government subsidized apartment when they're sick of this one, The walker and wheelchair are there because someone that lives there was shot and is paralyzed from a drive-by shooting.

lilgeorge 8 days ago

fucked him up

bootlegyourmom 6 days ago


brodriguez 6 days ago

He tried the wrong one or the right one lol

possumsweatyshirt 8 days ago

It was all good till the OG got on your head.....now its respect and God love... Dumbass... ????????????????????

danilo557 3 days ago

Str8 beat that ass

lexx12 8 days ago

Shyt was weak

iiworkmagic 6 days ago

on the boss g

mollyxmack 7 days ago

You must be DUMB DUMB

money123 7 days ago

Old head lol

snappy77 7 days ago

Ig he thought he lost it

korbyn 6 days ago

Everybody is sitting back with their feet propped up watching dude get smacked up.

bigsen 6 days ago