Apd Shoots A Man While His Hands Are In The Air In Texas.. Died Later In The Hospital!


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By: theduck1893   Channel : Police Activity  

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Info : Published on Apr 25, 2020

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thehazeofourlives 7 months ago

#StartHuntingThemAndTheirs NO MATTER THE AGE OR SEX!!!!

hamnchee 7 months ago

Shut the F*ck up

thehazeofourlives 7 months ago

Come make me Bussyboy. And bring your mother because Im F**king her in the Azz right in front of your knock out weak link ass. You CracKKKas are WHOLE Pussies that join KKKops to get away with this shit, UNTIL the hit squad lays out your family reunion. LOL Bitchass P***y girly boy. Go finish finger banging your little sister.

blackfact61 7 months ago

I would love to see the Investigation report! You can’t fear for your life with multiple officers standing with service weapons out! So, a man is killed for arguing with police officers! This is (murder)

hambone212 7 months ago

Looks like he caught the corona

roscoe35 7 months ago

Blacks have it rough but but too many never learn not to F*ck with the police. I wish I could rip that redneck cops head off and Sh*t down his neck. If it were not illegal I would shoot dead all bad cops.