Angry Girl Cuts Off Her Boyfriend's Dreads While He Was Asleep Report

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4966 Videos . Published on Sep 05, 2019

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possumsweatyshirt 10 months ago

Brush I don't hit women but..... Yous a B***h and I ain't never hit one them either but bitch..... Bitch... BITCH!!! I'll F**k up everything u ever thought about loving..

bigdawg 10 months ago

She must like getting her Azz kicked.

meekmillfan 10 months ago

we fighting on everything

fuxwitit247 10 months ago

You gotta leave she's gonna make a dog eat you dick.

the4thmigoo 10 months ago

Pure malice. I hope he knows that he can get them reattached... look it up.

kbspicy 3 months ago

If I was that dude I would cut some of her hair too the same amount she did you then beat her then break up