Crazy Woman Destroyed Her Husband Mistress House Report

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718 Videos . Published on Jul 27, 2019
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Cheat Dear

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suckyducky 25 days ago

Who egg someone to be an ass...... another ass

waistedfemmebot 23 days ago

GOOD JOB !!! SO now while your sitting in jail for vandalism and trespassing. Your man is going to be laid up in a hotel with this very woman laughing as they spend up YOUR money in her hotel room. Brilliant BLOODY BRILLIANT

hydratedh2o 23 days ago

sooo, glass is surprisingly cheap, this shit won't cost much to repair, meanwhile this sloppy bitch will be in prison getting finger popped by big mo and the ogre ass bitches. having to eat funky ass puss for many months. and those dudes instigating, fuckin crabs in a bucket, this why the black community aint shit, way too many of these type of people.

mrallen912 25 days ago

this dumb bitch caught numbers of charges