Lol: Girl Went To Her Best Friend's House And Got Attacked By Her Cat Report

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1055 Videos . Published on Aug 07, 2019
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cat attack

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suckyducky 14 days ago


chia-chia 14 days ago

You know you a bitch when a cat got you shook

hydratedh2o 14 days ago

cat was like, 'bitch is that a hot-n-ready?! you come in my house with a fuckin cheap ass pizza! this a papa johns house bitch!'

superiorbeing 14 days ago


vici0us 14 days ago

cat wasnt trained like them bitches yall let loose that cant act right.

fuxwitit247 14 days ago

You better find a local exorcist on craigslist...

jayewho 13 days ago

That cat knew she wasn’t supposed to be in there lol. Cat would’ve had 8 lives that day.