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Gennady Golovkin (GGG) is violent, unrelenting and is the ultimate crowd-pleaser.

Not only is he undefeated from 32 fights, he’s knocked out almost all of his opponents (29 KO’s, 32-0).

Roy Jones Jnr put it best when he said… “he’s a young middleweight Mike Tyson. He’s a guy who just destroys who they put in front of him.”.

His raw power, size and strength could end any fight with a single blow.

GGG no doubt isn’t as big of a name as Manny Pacquiao, but if today’s mainstream knew as much about Gennady Golovkin as it did Manny Pacquiao, a September 2015 fight card headlined by Mayweather vs Golovkin would be the second highest-grossing fight in history.

We know Floyd is a master of defense, but could his “hit-and-don’t-be-hit” escapology work against a bigger man in his prime who is believed to be the most destructive boxer on earth?

So will Mayweather vs Golovkin happen?

Although Gennady said he would be happy to move from 160 lbs to 154 lbs to fight Floyd, the dream fight is extremely unlikely because, for Floyd, the risk far exceeds the rewards. Mayweather could earn more money by facing a less-threatening opponent, such as Miguel Cotto or Amir Khan.

You can’t blame Floyd for not wanting to take this fight on, as there sheer reality is he could go out on a loss. Even his father, Floyd Mayweather Snr, seemed hesitate about fighting Golovkin. “We are not fitting to fight no damn giant. I’m going to tell you like this right here. He comes down, he’ll be at 154, [but] by the time he eats and fights that night….maybe [he’ll be at] 180, you just don’t know,” Floyd Sr. told Pro Boxing Insider.

“Now they say that Floyd won’t beat him, but I’m just telling you because the guy is probably just so big and strong. Floyd probably, all he would be doing is he’d take a lot of punches.”
“… It would be a struggle….but Floyd probably could beat him. I can’t say that he can’t beat him”.

So enough about Mayweather, sit back and enjoy this Golovkin highlights package and make your own decision on who would win the bout.


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