Madonna Might Be Losing Her Mind


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By: coldirtybastard

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Info : Published on Mar 24, 2020

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ham 6 months ago

She really telling the truth. You have to open your mind. The bath tub and milky water is to throw you off and make it seem like she crazy and now that you thinking that your mind has exited out of what she is saying. And you cant listen to what she saying. Stay woke. Right now we are all equal because this virus sees no color. Stay woke ????

kingshawn 6 months ago

Shut the F**k up B*tch. You don't know what woke is.

ham 6 months ago

I can bet on yo last dollar you wouldnt say that to me face to face. You real tough online huh kingshawn

kingshawn 6 months ago

Where you at bitch? Don't test me. I'll beat you like a runaway slave and post the video here for everyone to see you dumb B*tch!

ham 6 months ago

I knew it. A racist. Lol ????

ham 6 months ago

I knew it. A racist. Lol ????

bosshoglnm 6 months ago

F**king weirdo

rdavis67 6 months ago

eyebrows look like ice picks. she is so nasty!

jyamaguchi 6 months ago

that's Awesome Madonna!

ak11 6 months ago

She one of those that want to look young and live forever like you lived a entire life of wealth and fame and it's still not enough ugh

rumpl4skin 6 months ago

Might be??

kingshawn 6 months ago

Nasty B***h has been on crack since the days of F**king Dennis rodman. Old B***h trying to stay relevant.