Man Drowns During Underwater-Style Marriage Proposal


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Info : Published on Sep 22, 2019

An American man has drowned while proposing to his girlfriend underwater on holiday in Tanzania.

Steven Weber and his girlfriend, Kenesha Antoine, were staying in a submerged cabin at the Manta Resort, off Pemba Island.

Footage shows Mr Weber diving under water to ask Ms Antoine to marry him.

In the video, Mr Weber presses a hand-written proposal note against the cabin window as Ms Antoine films from inside.

Ms Antoine, confirming Mr Weber's death in a Facebook post, said he "never emerged from those depths".

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slickrick00 1 year ago

he wanted to be special and unique. he won the prize that day. too bad wont be able to have any bi racial mud babies

bootlegyourmom 1 year ago


hydratedh2o 1 year ago

good! one less simp in this world. fuckin fags going all out of their way to willingly become party to one of the worst contracts in modern day. then the divorce rate is so high, these hoes get merciless when it comes to child support and alimony. just don't do it!

suckyducky 1 year ago

F**k somebody held his head down cause he looked like he was coming up when the video stopped

normalthom 1 year ago

I think he was way deeper than what we can tell from the video. He held his breath as long as he could and didn't take into account how far back up he still had to go. I'm just guessing of course.

meekmillfan 1 year ago

dont want to be negative but thats what you get when you do stupid Sh*t being extra

fuxwitit247 1 year ago

He thought it through on the way up....and decided he'd rather die.

gimmieasmallslice 1 year ago

You a cold hearted savage

gimmieasmallslice 1 year ago

Rog, I like to place emojis at the end of my comments so that people know how to take my comments into perspective. Stop turning my laugh emojis into question marks and my angry emojis into... Well, question marks

Rog 1 year ago

Emojis work its just converting them from your phone doesn't work... we trying to figure it out before we launch the app.

gimmieasmallslice 1 year ago

Oh word. I have a stylo 5. So its just the formatting.... Thanks for the response

legacy 1 year ago


meekmillfan 1 year ago