Dude Came To Woman's Defense During Domestic Violence Dispute But She Wasn't Having It Report

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48341 Videos . Published on Nov 07, 2019

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gimmieasmallslice 10 days ago

Fools like this get killed. You don't know their relationship stupid. Trying to be a savior could get you killed

money123 10 days ago

That's why you mind your own business

knutz666 10 days ago

I was going to say that , life is too damn short to be saving Hoes

slickrick00 10 days ago

and that fag white knight could catch a charge if that guy busted his skull and brain damage over some whore thot that likes the drama and guys beating her

phillyb7420 10 days ago

People say what they want but I be you that dude watch out putting his hands on her in public from now on lol got what he deserve big ups to dude who stepped in and knocked his ass out most people be too scared to help anyone nowadays

knutz666 10 days ago

all he did was make an enemy . that save a hoe shit went out with laying your coat over a puddle

eyeswatching1 10 days ago

Mr glass

nice 10 days ago

Fuck that nigga hoe let her man fuck her up. She used to that shit. From growing up( her 10 step daddies) to all her many ex’s that used to beat her ass.

josephaaneya 10 days ago


shoc2006 10 days ago

can't do nothing nice these days.

snappy77 10 days ago