Little Boy Cries After His Mom Told Him That She Was Giving His Little Brother Away Because She Didn’t Want Two Kids Report

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4755 Videos . Published on Oct 18, 2019

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normalthom 7 months ago

Change the fucking battery in the god damn smoke detector bitch, then go to a parenting class!!!

mindbodysoul 7 months ago

I was saying same thing lol

eyeswatching1 7 months ago

Some parents are cruel af

legacy 7 months ago

I really hope this woman isn't serious about what she's talking about...

kokomami 7 months ago

PLEASE REPORT HER TO CPS IMMEDIATELY. There is no way that this little boy has that much swelling and bags under his eyes from a ten min video!! His SO CALLED MOM has been torturing her poor child for months or years even fukin stupid KUNT!

bigdawg 7 months ago

He'll be a good big brother. Too bad his mom is a fucking cunt.

meekmillfan 7 months ago


manmadddd 7 months ago

Lmao he had that imma kill this bitch and runway look in his eyes

possumsweatyshirt 7 months ago

Lmao.... While hilarious.... I'm pretty sure this is bad parenting of some sort...

money123 7 months ago

How bout a drink

money123 7 months ago

They crazy

snappy77 7 months ago


theworldisending 7 months ago

I was gonna make a joke about all light skinned niggas being sensitive...

But moms is a true cunt. Why are parents cool with traumatizing their children for likes

rustyben911 7 months ago

Unnecessary distress bad joke evil parent