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Published on Jun 20, 2016

Info :
A mother in Argentina was mortified after a stranger bum-rushed her and attempted to steal her three-month-old baby out of her arms. Her ordeal was caught on CCTV footage, showing her desperate struggle to maintain a grasp on her child.

The incident, which took place in Buenos Aires, was a seemingly random attack. Irene Cajal can be seen walking down the sidewalk with her baby when the culprit runs at her from behind.

He grabs the baby and tries to yank her from her mother's arms, but Cajal does not give in. The man then pushes Cajal to the ground before falling down himself and continuing the assault. All the while, Cajal screams desperately for help.

After several more frantic moments, the man suddenly grabs his possession and runs away, likely concerned that the noise would attract attention.

Fortunately, nobody was harmed. “My baby's fine, thank God,” Cajal said. “She suffered a bump to her head but that's all.”