Dwight Howard’s 12-Year-Old Son Braylon Calls Him Out "My Dad Ain’t A Real Dad"


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Info : Published on Oct 25, 2020

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yuko23 1 month ago

This kid is brave, my pops never had a relationship with me an we lived in the same house, it messed me up in the head as an adult, I wish I had the courage this kid had...but my dad was also abusive, physically and mentally 🤷🏾‍♂️

greater20 1 month ago

Spoiled brat. He's a kid and already looking suspect. Must be like Dwayne wade son.

chicagoforeign 1 month ago

Probably not... spend all day chasing trannies around

chicagoforeign 1 month ago

Typical black father. What else is new?