Sanctuary Cities Called Out For Protecting Illegal Ms13 Gang Members Who Chopped Up A Young Girl Report

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9103 Videos . Published on Aug 13, 2019

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fuxwitit247 11 months ago

Jeffery Dahmer was american....and he F****d up some bodies....but truthfully send them to jail in El Salvador

white-mans-catnip 11 months ago

Lets see if this stays in the news longer than the mass shootings

benevoletracist 11 months ago

this is what democrats and open borders do.

fuxwitit247 11 months ago

How could they let your ancestors come here?....that's what I'm still wondering

mrtea 11 months ago

I see what they're trying to do hear..

hydratedh2o 11 months ago

yeah, obviously don't fuckin protect pieces of shit. but why fox trying to throw up some mexicans when everyone else talking about these crazy Azz white boys going on killing sprees? what should we do with them crazy white boys tuckerjQuery33106082565389184339_1565808645353? should we deport their asses to russia, germany, ireland? when i'm out at the mall, i'm not worried about some mexicans going on shooting sprees, i'm worried about you muthafuckaz!!!!! I don't live in or frequent places with poor immigrant populations, as i'm sure most people watching fox news don't. so why you even trying to go there tuck, ya ol B*tch!