Chicago Dude Gets Shot After Trying To Force Guy To Buy Weed


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Info : Published on Apr 14, 2020

Dude Gets Shot After Trying To Force Dude To Buy Weed

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kingshawn 8 months ago


jhoffa22 8 months ago

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jhoffa22 8 months ago

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danny123 8 months ago

why ppl so sad about racist comments, we all racist when is comes down to it. look at the video black dude just popin shots off for no real reason tell me thats not a in some way related to his races' mentality. so funny that a site like this has bleeding heart liberals. good luck when they roll on on your streets fools dont cry they just being who they are and will defend their right to shoot you in the face cas you looked at them for a second too long or asked 1 more question than thier trigger finger can take

blackboi90 8 months ago

Full video on worldstar

cisco 8 months ago

That's looks like the store owner got off first after the seeing the gun. The homie with dreds gun wasn't even pointed up with the first shot rang which is why the glass broke.

roscoe35 7 months ago

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longduckdong 8 months ago

Love it!! One at at a time is ok with me!

saywecanfly 7 months ago

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