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Published on Dec 05, 2019

Info :
Two teens were arrested and six more are being sought for the assault of a girl and an off-duty California Highway Patrol officer after a disturbing attack at a shopping mall in Emeryville, authorities said.

The robbery victim returned to Bay Street mall around 8 p.m. Friday after her phone had been stolen and she found a group of juveniles who she believed were associates of the person who took her phone, Emeryville police said in a statement.

In surveillance video shared by authorities, a girl approaches a group of about eight teens when one of them, wearing a white hoodie and red baseball cap, pushes her away with his right hand. A second teen then towers over the girl. The video doesn’t contain audio.

The confrontation continues, even as at least one person tries to hold back one of the aggressors. The male teen pushes the person’s hand away and pulls up his pants before shoving the girl again.

A man in a blue jacket and pants who apparently works as a CHP officer walks over to the girl and tries to break up the confrontation to no avail. The girl points out several of the teens while the man seems to take a picture with his phone — seconds later the teen in the white sweater takes off his cap, tosses it on the ground and charges at the man.

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