Wild Dog Attacks Little Girl


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By: lilgeorge

Channel : Animals  
Info : Published on Sep 28, 2019

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maddworld1 12 months ago

That dog shouldve been killed.

normalthom 12 months ago

Yeah, it's sad to see how Spuds McKenzie ended up after Bud Light let him go.

bigdawg 12 months ago

Looks like he was playing. And what's up with those punk ass adults using sticks? Should have picked that little ass dog up and threw him.

zodd 12 months ago

I would have done that dog like that video from last week of the pitbull getting tossed around and beat.

lilgeorge 12 months ago

why let dem dogs loose

Pinchy123 12 months ago

Dam.and those kinda dogs be so vishuss.